This site is dedicated to thought-provoking insights about a range of topics. My written work is partitioned predominantly between professional basketball and everything else.

All the written work posted on this site is designed to support a process that Patrick Collison describes as “active reading”:

The subset of books at the intersection of ‘really worth reading’ and ‘really enjoyable to read’ is still more books than you can actually read in a lifetime… I think reading should be treated as a more active process – you should skim, you should skip, you should backtrack; you should discard and potentially return.

– Patrick Collison from The Knowledge Project with Shane Parish

In the spirit of this axiom, each post on this site is formatted to provide the reader with the opportunity to take these recommendations.

1. Each post has dividing subheaders – these headers define and describe everything contained within the text until the next subsection in summary. This allows for skimming and easier identification upon return.

2. Each subheader has a reference number – any reference to another post will be accompanied by a number to the corresponding subheader that contains the summarized form of that reference. Again, skip and skim.

3. Each post has a contextual background section – this background serves as a deterrent from drawing conclusions from data too quickly. It lays out the differences in interpretations (e.g. causation and correlation) and outlines any pre-existing hypotheses I possess on the subject of the post. Hopefully, this will help support the development of a wider understanding of cognitive biases when interpreting data.

4. Each post is intended to spark engagement – exemplary written work provokes thought. If you would like, please share your thoughts with me on Twitter or via email.