Shadow in a puddle
Book on the beachlighthouselooking at the lighthouse
man waiting for the subwaysubway arriving
ring sculpture through the trees
bethesda terrace central parkold bmwlittle italy café
water crashing on a rockpine needles dripping in the rain
Ari under the theater lights
Carousel on filmred curtains in a dark roomred word double exposed over silhouette
lighthouse in San FranciscoWire pass rocks
people walking reflected in puddleship framed in arch at portsteeple framed by flowers
woman between trees looking down sand dune
couple looking to the rightman surrounded by graffitiMan sitting alone surrounded by empty tables
Trillium Lake and Mount HoodLighthouse in the fog
Airplane passengers looking out the windowAri silhouetted in the METBen silhouetted at by piano light
tall twisting apartment building